* Update – actually, Googlefart has been used in a lot of ways :(.  I like mine best though 🙂

A Googlefart is something that Google does in public that is embarrassing to Google. I just coined the phrase.

Why? Because Google, for all of their bright people, and THE ALGORITHM, and all of those computers whirring away, can still be stupid as dirt.

I know this rant won’t affect most people – but as a consultant, it affects me.

I use Google Domains. I use them mostly for customer’s email – it’s just an easy way to manage email for small companies. Spam filters, etc.

But I also use Google for my own email. And I have a separate Google account for handling my own AdSense. And yet another account for Google Reader.

OK, I know I’m very much more complex than most people. But just two accounts can cause a serious and stupid problem.

Google, try this: Create two accounts. Account A is a Google Reader Account. It has a unique email address associated with it. Account B is a GMAIL account. It has a different email address/Google account associated with it.

Open a tabbed browser. Log into Google Reader with Account A.

Now open a new tab and log in with Account B.

Guess what? Your Google Reader feed is no longer working – that tab just gives you the Google green vial of death followed by the red “we’re broken” message. Until you log out of one account neither is stable.

This doesn’t happen if you use two different browsers (Firefox/IE, etc) to launch each window. But if I log into two accounts on two tabs in the same browser, then one, or often BOTH of them are confused. FUBARED.



  1. One work-around: start multiple firefox profiles. Search for it to find instructions.

  2. You’re not alone Rob. I found out the exact same thing a few months ago. I was hoping it would be fixed, but in the end I just migrated all my stuff to one account and forwarded the mail from the one to the other…

    Not ideal, but neither is not being able to use 2 accounts in the same browser…