Goplan Privacy Policy

You would not believe how much this annoys me! Goplan is a new online Project Management application.  I have no clue what it’s like.  They don’t give me any demo, they just want me to sign up – and then see if I like it.

Sorry – things don’t work that way anymore.  Let me play for a while, and I’ll see if I like you.  I’m certainly not going to marry you sight unseen!

So I hit the “create an account page”, and like we all do (you do, right?) I read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.

The first sentence in the privacy policy is encouraging: “We at Webreakstuff (“we” or Webreakstuff) have created this privacy policy to demonstrate our firm commitment to protecting your personal information and informing you about how we handle it.”

That sounds like what a Privacy Policy should be – a website telling me what they are going to do to protect me. But then they continue, until I read this: 

Each time you visit the Site or provide us with information, by doing so you are accepting the practices described in this privacy policy at that time.

So now it’s no longer a document that describes how I am going to be protected by this new website.  Instead it is ANOTHER rules document.  Why?  They already have a Terms of Use Policy.

I know, I keep bitching about this, and nobody seems to care, or to get it.  But I think it’s important.  So I’ll keep griping about it.

Source: Goplan Privacy Policy


  1. Tiago – thanks for the comment. I think you should put a link to the Demo info on your main page – that might help people get an idea what your doing prior to having to sign up.

    As far as the Privacy Policy – if I understand you correctly you don’t consider the Privacy Policy to exist to safeguard your customers. I think your approach here is wrong. Put everything you need to protect yourselves in your Terms of Use document. Put everything that is intended to protect the user in the Privacy Policy.

    I don’t understand why companies seem to want to create two documents that user’s are expected to monitor for changes to site rules when the Terms of Use can certainly achieve this.

    In any case, I am playing with the demo account, and may or may not share more comments about the service in a future post – but I will say it has a nice interface. Best of luck with it.


  2. Hey,

    First of all thanks for taking the time to test and write about Goplan, we appreciate the feedback.

    Regarding application information and demo, we setup a page at containing basic information and there is a demo account available with all of Goplan’s features, read more about this account at

    I’m no lawyer but our privacy policy is merely in order to protect ourselves. We don’t share any data (it is your data as stated in the document), everything is stored on amazon and credit card information is handled through paypal.

    We also state in our privacy policy that any change (for example in the payment gateway) will be reported to everyone, we don’t expect people to read it on a daily basis.

  3. So let me understand, the policy is subject to change based on…well, we aren’t told. And the terms could change to anything. And you are accepting this fact every time you use the site?

    It is easy to think that coming up with a really great product would be the trickiest part of a business but that just isn’t so. How many people, in how many ways, have said it? It all comes back to treating the customer well.

    Me? I would be moving on to the competitor’s product in this class.