Graduation day – a shocker :)

So my father was here for my son’s graduation – he came in from out of state.  My great friend Bruce showed up, as did Bob and Esther – our best friends for over 20 years.

I expected all of them to show up.  They have been a part of my kid’s lives for many, many years.  I knew they would be here for Derek.

Yesterday I posted that my dad was in town – and my brother’s read this blog.  So one of my brother’s (Tad) devised a plan – to get all six of my father’s sons together at the same place, and the same time.  For the first time in twelve years.

I was amazed as I looked out into the Driveway Cam and saw ALL of my brother’s – and most of their families walking up the sidewalk.  So I had over 30 people total here today (glad I bought enough food!)

We had 12 of my Father’s 15 grand kids here.  And all of my Father’s Sons.  It was a good day. 

Even my ex-wife was here today – and she ended up having the best line of the evening.  She told people she was leaving, but I didn’t hear her – so one of my brother’s yelled out, “Rob, you EX is leaving”… and everyone got a little quiet.  And my EX said, “Again!”

I guess you had to be here for that – but it WAS funny!  My follow up line was that this was now the SECOND best day of my life – funny – but not as funny as her line 🙂

It was a great day in so many ways.  But for now, I am just tired! It was an emotional day, and I am spent.

But it was a very good day.

I love my brothers, yet we’ve not been close in a long time.  Basically I think because we never make the time.  We are all very different, yet all very much alike.

And it was good to see them – and spend time with them.  And yes – to even meet some nieces and nephews that I had either never met, or hadn’t seen in years.

But mostly, today was Derek’s day.  I was very proud to see him walk across the stage, and accept his diploma.  I can’t wait to see him do the same for a college degree in four years.

A good day – any way you look at it.


  1. Sounds great. You know me, I’ll help with all the planning..

  2. It was fun. Dad and Terry want to get together in October – do a big picnic at a park, rent a pavillion, etc. We’ll have to start planning it soon!


  3. And only an ashtray got broken! Thanks for allowing us to get together at your house. Lets hope it doesn’t take another 12 years.

  4. Nevermind the eccentricity. I was just reading Douglas Adams. Hope you had a fantastic time with your family!

  5. I would have said “Have Fun”, but since it is already over, I cannot use the word “Have”, since it is in the future tense. Also, I cannot say “Thanks”, since I was not there. I cannot say “Congrats”, because, well, I don’t think that would be the correct word.

    Have Fun!