Group captures dog-sized ‘monster’ toad

We had some large toads in Hawaii – not quite the size of this monster though! 

These are not native to Australia, and are killing some native species – so the group “Frogwatch” catches them and “…stockpile them in a big freezer and then put them through a liquid fertilizer process”.  Sounds messy.

There is a video at the MSNBC link below.


With a body the size of a football and weighing nearly 2 pounds, the toad is among the largest specimens ever captured in Australia, according to Frogwatch coordinator Graeme Sawyer.

Source: Group captures dog-sized ‘monster’ toad – Animal Peculiarity –


  1. It could have been 5800, or even 58,000. Even 580 is amazing to me. We think we know so much – but we really don’t. Not about species, people, or planets.

    We’re still learning – and I like talking with people that understand that. It’s amazing how many people I talk to that think they already know everything.


  2. 580? Way .. WAY more than that!
    One scoop in the seas around the Philippines already yielded around 2,000 new species ( … then there have been astonishing finds in New Guinea, and I’m SURE many many other places… new species are discovered by the thousands!

    I agree…

    We don’t know much.

  3. Richard – I don’t know why I am so obsessed with odd animal stories – but I am . Nature is fascinating. Just when we think we know it all, we realize how little we really know.

    I think I read (quoting from memory) that over 580 new species were discovered last year alone. Wow.

    We don’t know much!

  4. That’s funny. My wife is a science teacher and she was just talking about these things at dinner tonight.