Had a ball a the Sacramento Photowalk

So, anyone interested in a San Antonio Photowalk?  I could suggest some obvious locations, like the Riverwalk, the Botanical Garden, The San Antonio Zoo, The Mcnay.  Or maybe some non-obvious ones, like the Quadrangle at Fort Sam Houston, the Robber Baron Cave, or maybe even the Army Medical Museum.

But I’ll certainly love hearing your alternative suggestions!

I’m thinking sometime in early February – perhaps the second Saturday.  We can all meet for lunch, take some group pictures (with the photo tag of “Photowalk1 San Antonio” and then those of us that want to can have cocktails after and show our work off to each other.

Let me know in the comments, or in an email (contact info on the consulting page).


In any case, I have three recommendations: 1. If you are anywhere near sacramento, visit this museum. 2. Watch Thomas and Robert for announcements on the next photowalk. You’ll have a blast. 3. If you don’t live in the Bay Area, start a photowalk of your own. Thomas and Robert will not claim any rights to the concept, trust me. All you need is a blog, an online photo account and a venue that inspires people to point and click and click again.

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