Happy Birthday, Sea World!

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I was invited to a Sea World event today.  They wouldn’t tell me why, but of course I accepted anyway (thanks, Kami!)

Sea World, San Antonio is celebrating 20 years and to make sure more people enjoy the party they sent two tickets to 5,000 random families in the San Antonio area.  Some lucky residents will find a clear plastic mailing tube in their mailboxes and will end up with smiles on their faces.

Here’s a picture of Kami and me (and of course, Shamu!)DSC00395


It was a fairly chilly day (low 60’s with a 20 MPH wind), so we wore light jackets.  But it was a wonderful day for the event.  They had a band, and a ton of food (good food!) – and like always, Kami introduced me to some very cool people.

DSC00401 Here’s a picture of Bob McCullough.  I think Kami said he DSC00404was the first PR manager for Sea World San Antonio.  In any case, the shirt he is wearing is pretty special – it’s the first flight  attendant shirt worn back when Southwest Airlines got their first airplane.


Of course it wouldn’t be a visit to Sea World without seeing an animal.  I DSC00392actually pet this lizard – although I don’t remember what kind it was.  It constantly was sticking that tongue out at me though!





As you can see, they had quite a turn-out.  The band was very good.  The General Manager of Sea World San Antonio gave a very brief speech during lunch, and Sea World handed out nice little "swag bags" on the way out.  This time they contained a set of very nice glass Pilsner glasses with the Anheuser-Busch logo.  (Anheuser-Busch bought Sea World in 1989.

Below are some interesting facts about Sea World San Antonio, and a few more pictures from the Press Kit I received.

The link to the full Press Release is down at the bottom of this post.


  • Four fraternity brothers from UCLA started out with dreams of an underwater restaurant on San Diego’s Mission Bay in the early 1960s? Their concept turned into reality in 1964, with the opening of a full-scale marine zoological park called SeaWorld. That first small marine park expanded and led to the opening of three more SeaWorld parks in Cleveland, Orlando and San Antonio. In 2001, the Cleveland park was sold.
  • Three Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 planes were painted in the likeness of Shamu, SeaWorld’s famous killer whale? They took their inaugural flight as part of the park’s opening activities in 1988.
  • The opening of the park created 2,000 new jobs for San Antonio and the local economic impact approached $1 billion?
  • SeaWorld San Antonio is the number one theme park in the state of Texas, according to the state’s annual visitor survey?
  • SeaWorld San Antonio has provided free admission to more than 750,000 members of U.S. and coalition armed forces and their families?
  • 21,480,000 pounds of food have been fed to SeaWorld animals since 1988?

 Panoramic Aerial Then

Panoramic aerial view 20 years ago.


Panoramic aerial view now.Panoramic Aerial Now









Park gives away $500,000 in tickets to kick off 20th Birthday

SAN ANTONIO (Nov. 15, 2007) – SeaWorld San Antonio today announced a ticket giveaway for San Antonio residents to kick off its 20th Birthday Celebration. Five thousand households in San Antonio were picked at random to receive two tickets to the San Antonio marine life adventure park, which will celebrate its 20th birthday in April 2008.

“We wanted to find an appropriate way to thank the residents of San Antonio for their support over the past 20 years,” said Dan Decker, executive vice-president and general manager at SeaWorld San Antonio. Decker spoke during a luncheon for local business and tourism leaders today. “So we randomly selected 5,000 addresses in San Antonio to each receive two tickets to visit the park this year and help kick off our birthday celebration.”

Full Press Release


  1. Some people have all the luck! I’ve never received free tickets in the mail for anything-except jury duty! 😛

  2. @I was rushed to get this post out before I had to join some conference calls. I wish I would have spent more time reflecting on what Sea World does for our community – especially our large Military Community.

    But I’m sure I can put some questions together for a future post and have Kami assist me in an “interview”.

    I love people that give back to their communities. I have a tremendous respect for companies that do.

    So I’ll see about putting together a more detailed post about exactly what Sea World means to the people of San Antonio. Especially the service men and women who come through here for training on their way to who knows where… or what.

  3. And if you got a tube you don’t want…let Rob know. I’m sure he will pass it on to his lil brother, or email me at ric(at)lagesse(dot)org, whose daughter is going to college to learn how to train Shamu. 😆

  4. And if you get a tube, and don’t have anyone to go with, email me at rob [at] lagesse [dot] org! 😀

  5. Thanks for coming, the San Antonio community makes it all possible. If you are reading this blog and got a tube with tickets, make sure to let me know at kamichat [at] yahoo [dot] com