Happy Birthday, Sisir


To my friend Sisir – happy birthday! 18 is nothing – wait until you are 45!

And don’t let the lines get you down. College too will pass! And maybe you’ll write some cool code that fixes all those problems with standing in line to register for classes!

The best to you on this new year, and your first “adult year”!

It’s my 18th birthday today and hence, the day I’m legally qualified to be an adult as opposed to a child or minor as I was supposedly till now. This feels like a very important day because of the 182 thing attached to it and more importantly, because of all the other things that come along with it like voting rights, the duty of filing income tax(not that I have any 🙂 ) returns, right to drive a vehicle and of course full-scale banking rights including credit card usage. Nice, but Id like to have my kid status back please – I want to be a child again!!!

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  1. Thanks a lot, Rob! Meeting you and Yuvi was one of the best things to have happened to me last year and I hope you’ve enjoyed helping us as much as we are grateful to you….wish you a very happy and prosperous new year!

    As for the registrations, I just got back from them for lunch – I have to get my faculty adviser to sign my course list and the job will then be done….I hope that won’t take me too long!