Hard to believe this is so hard to figure out!


Mapping 101

I know, this is hard.  It’s why I get cold pizza all the time.

This street (Northcrest Drive) is less than four blocks long.

It starts on the bottom with the address of 100.

Once it reaches Lockhill-Selma it is at 220.  North of Lockhill-Selma it starts at 900 and goes down to 800.

That is odd.  Unless you realize that the Lockhill-Selma street actually is a divider line between two cities.  San Antonio to the North.  Castle Hills to the South.  Different ways of counting.  Imagine.

But this will screw up 99% of your pizza drivers. And about 30% of your GPS’s.

If I eat pizza, it has to be hot.  Check your maps!