"Harnessing Twitter" – to get on the front page of the Business Section!


Twit_SAEN Today’s San Antonio Express News has a rather large (9×8 inch) photo of me on the cover of the business section.  L.A. Lorek (lalorek on Twitter)wrote the article (link below).

Photo courtesy of the San Antonio Express News.


twitter I scanned part of the article because the online version doesn’t have the sidebars the printed article has (and my friend Ike Pigott (ikepigott on Twitter).

Click the images for larger views.

I like the article about Twitter because it focuses on how useful Twitter can be as a business development tool.  I’ve certainly met the most interesting people via Twitter!

Rob La Gesse, a San Antonio-based technology entrepreneur and consultant known as kr8tr on Twitter, has recruited employees and launched a start-up company using Twitter.

MySA.com: Business


  1. @Fran – the only thinh “larger than life” is that giant super-imposed cell phone (which happens to actually be the same type cell phone I was holding).

    But it was fun – I really find Twitter useful, so letting others know about it is cool.

    Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to comment!


  2. Fran Stephenson says:

    Hi Rob. Enjoyed the E-N story. How does it feel to be “larger than life?” Have a great day.