HDNet – Press Release

Scoble has been talking about the great concerts over on HDNET – the Mark Cuban sponsored High Definition channel. 

I love HDNET as well.  Right now I am watching something I recorded from a few days ago – John Mellencamp performing for a small audience at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

It’s very moving to watch Mellencamp visit with the Soldiers, signing a guitar, and then playing for a very intimate group of American Heroes.

Mellencamp’s songs certainly seem fitting for this crowd – full of lyrics about American Pride, growing up in small towns, living normal lives – it’s a very fitting way to show the respect and admiration we all owe these troops.

It is also obvious that Mellencamp is moved by the people he meets – and that he is proud to be able to perform for them.

I don’t know if HDNET will allow this to be broadcast to a larger audience, but I hope they do.  It’s worth watching.

DALLAS, TX and LOS ANGELES, CA – By special arrangement with Walter Reed Army Medical Center, John Mellencamp will be offering patients at the facility a full concert performance on the evening of Friday, April 27th. HDNet will air the concert live beginning at 8:00pm ET. The performance will take place in Building #41, the historical Old Red Cross Building, situated on the grounds of the fabled Medical Center, which this year is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its ground- breaking. This is the same building in which generations of performers, dating back to the era of Bob Hope, Martha Raye and Jimmy Durante, lent their talents to entertain Walter Reed’s patients and staff. Mellencamp had originally considered staging a large benefit show and funneling proceeds to the hospital. “Then it dawned on me what I really wanted to do is lighten the load of the soldiers and workers in the hospital, so why not just play for them?” he said. “When we heard about John’s plans to perform for the soldiers, we knew we wanted to get behind it,” said Mark Cuban, chairman of HDNet and founder of the Fallen Patriot Fund (www.fallenpatriotfund.org). “We want HDNet viewers to be part of this exciting live concert and to be able to share in John’s salute to the troops for their efforts on behalf of this country.

Source: HDNet – Press Release