He shoots, he scores! (A Wii)


And no – not locally.  Tonight I went to seven stores (of them, three of their online stores promised me they had them is stock (you lying bastards!)).

So I came home and decided to deal with my daughter’s wish list of books (only slightly less expensive than a Wii).

I decided to order her four off of her list.  That will last her about two days, and will cost me $52.64.  Money well spent, by the way.  It is an investment.  One day I’ll need her to pay my hospice bill!  But still, I couldn’t afford to order everything on her list…

And still order a Wii!

Amazon had them in stock, so I ordered one, along with a few games and controllers.

So let me see – how many consoles does that make?


Nintendo Virtual Boy

Nintendo 64

Several Game Boy derivatives.



Playstation II


XBOX 360

Oh – Sega Genesis and the Sega handheld – whatever it was called – Nomad?)

Now the Wii.

Funny though – four of the places I went today have Playstation III’s in stock.  Two had XBOX 360’s.  None had XBOX Elite or the Wii.  Looking gloom for Sony (actually – the fact I am not interested in a Playstation III, yet I have almost every platform launched in the last 12 years is gloomy for Sony).  But maybe sometime I’ll buy a PS III.  Maybe they’ll come out with some unique content that I “just gotta have”.

Anyway, the timing of this purchase was not coincidental – I am in the third week of the summer school vacation.  The Wii will save me money.  It is much cheaper than a few movies/trips to the mall a week.  Teenagers are expensive in the summer – especially if everything they do means time you are spending money AND not making money 

Plus, I want to play golf on the Wii (I ordered Tiger Woods 2007 for the Wii, as well as Wii sports, Zelda, and some Mario game.  Should be something for everyone – but for me, mostly looking forward to the golf.

I love computer golf – I have purchased 5 copies of Tiger Woods for consoles in less than a year – and when they release the next one, I’ll buy it.

So on Friday we get our Wii (the kids paid for the expedited shipping).

On Saturday I expect I’ll have wrenched my back, and shoulder.

On Sunday I expect to be able to file suit on Nintendo.