Hello Barnes and Nobles Online

And Goodbye Amazon – I spent a lot of money with you, but you are arrogant now, and we are moving in different directions.

Why do I think you are arrogant?  Your email to me, where you state:

We now consider this matter closed and will not be offering any further input.

Oh, thanks for that.  You might as well have said, “I am taking my ball and going home”.  What happened to COMMUNICATION with a customer – you know – where you talk and they listen and then you know – they talk and YOU listen.

$1400 dollars is what I spent during my last year as an Amazon.com customer.  And Amazon – “I won’t be offering any further input”.  You’ve become just sucky enough, and I have just valid enough alternatives.


  1. That is the trade off for paying less I guess. Consumer Reports in their Dec issue compares the various sites and while you will save more on Amazon, I too have found that sometimes the lack of personal customer service negated the savings.