Hello, My Name is Rob – and I Manage 217 Domains

Really.  217 domains for 16 different companies/people. They are on a total of 34 servers (not all are hosted – 127 are though).

34 servers means 34 different login accounts.

About 65% of them are Windows, the rest are Linux.

A cool open source project would be building me an interface to manage all of these servers.  All from one place.  One place where I could at the very least log onto each server, see if the domain was alive, etc.

Of course, I can do all of this with MOSSO, and perhaps in time I will.

But until just now I didn’t realize how many domains and servers I actually “have the keys to”.

“My Name is Rob, and I Manage 217 Domains”.


  1. @Stu – I can’t have anything but respect and awe for anyone who manages to read me for more than a week – so thanks!

  2. Man alive! That’s a whole swag of domains. Kudos Rob.

    Been feed-reading for a long time, but haven’t visited the actual site for a while .. you’ve gone and completely changed things .. it’s AWESOME. Good stuff.

  3. @Jeanne – you are too kind. But I am very glad to have you here. I’m not normal – I realize that. I spend 20 hours a day watching computer screens.

    But I can do it all from home. And as a single parent, that was very valuable to me. But now that my kids are teenagers maybe I will cut back.

    Ah shit – who am I kidding. They will find me dead in bed with a laptop sitting on my corpse 🙂

  4. Jeanne Breault says:

    Holy bandwidth, batman…this guy manages 217 domains!

    I can’t even manage my own <217 online membership sites, WITH the help of roboform password manager…and half of them feed each other!

    I’m impressed! And time to do good works, too!

    You’re a great guy…glad to meet you! 🙂

    P.S. Enuf with discussing excess skin removal on twitter!