Herding Squirrels

I know – this sounds like some kind of joke about managing Engineers – but it isn’t!

My dog, Yoshi, can herd squirrels.  I’m not sure how he does it, because even though he is extremely fast, the squirrels appear faster.  I’m sure it’s something instinctive in the Border Collie – but why do the squirrels react?  Yoshi runs semi-circles around them barking short high pitched barks, and moves them around the yard.  If they run, he chases them, but (almost) never catches them.  But still the squirrels let themselves be herded around for a bit before they run.

Oh – and Yoshi never barks in the house – something I didn’t realize until today.  If the doorbell rings he runs to me, and then the door – as if he is making sure I heard it.  If there is an odd noise (like when I had a raccoon in the garage), Yoshi nudges me with his nose, and runs to the source of the noise (he’s trying to herd me as well).  But he never barks in the house.  Odd.  I never had a dog that only barked outside before!