History Lesson #1

lawrencefport Florence Lawrence was born in Canada on Jan 2, 1886. Known as “Baby Flo, The Child Wonder Whistler” she traveled with her mother on the showbiz circuit.

In 1907 she got her first role in film – and in total she was in over 250 films.

Know as the first “movie star” she was one of few wealthy enough at the time to purchase an automobile. In 1913 she purchased her first automobile and fell in love with driving the machines.

After being injured in a fire Lawrence became less in demand. After burying two husbands between 1920 and 1930, Lawrence committed suicide in 1938.

But the most amazing thing about Florence Lawrence is one of her inventions – one that most of you seem to completely ignore, yet most of you have at least one of.

It was a ground-breaking invention that drastically increases automobile safety – if you would just remember to use your damned turn signals!

NOTE: Florence Lawrence also invented the first “brake signal”. Her mother patented an electric windshield wiper system in 1917. For actresses, they were pretty inventive!