Holiday Jeer

A friend of mine stopped by a few hours ago.  He was frustrated.  He was out trying to do some Christmas shopping, and between the traffic and crowds, he gave up.  He said he was in a store with a thousand other people, and none of them were smiling.  He swears this is the last time he “does Christmas”.  And I agree with him.  If it’s supposed to be a Joyous Season, then why are people so hurried, irritated, and annoyed?

I’m not fighting my way into a Walmart to buy my friends more crap to dust.  Last Christmas was my last Christmas.  This year I haven’t done any shopping at all – and my real friends will understand why (and maybe even be jealous of me for it). 

I’m not going to add another dollar to this Christmas hell-iday.  I’ve checked out of it.  The malls are all yours.  Enjoy them.


  1. Welcome to my world! Giving gifts really means something if it isn’t done out of some tradition…like the gift you gave me. If you had waited till Christmas, it just wouldn’t have been the same. Thanks again Rob for your generosity. 🙂