Hospital Robots

Hospital robots are pretty common (at least here in San Antonio, Texas USA).

They are usually pretty stupid – they take samples to the lab, results back to Nurses.  They deliver food and medication.

But they generally aren’t very bright.

Since we share an equal IQ, I tend to try to talk to any higher-level robot I find.  One that can get around a large Medical Center was worthy of some conversation (I thought).

Me, blocking hall in front of Robot (and being a smart-ass): “Hello.  Have you seen my friend?”

Robot: “please clear the hall”

Me: “I am using the hall”

Robot: “please clear the hall”

Me: “I will clear the hall if you get me a cup of coffee”

Robot: “Coffee first floor, A-1.  The coffee shop is open 24 hours a day seven days a week”

Me: “Thanks!”

Robot: “Please clear the hall”

Ahh – it’s good to share!  And thanks to the programmer’s who loved caffeine! (and this “robot” that looked more like a metal trash can with wheels.  But it got me my caffeine fix!)



  1. I taught mine “clapper” – one clap, channel increases one, clap 127 times you go straight to channel 127, etc. What a time saver!

  2. That was actually a real stupid remark of mine, since I HAVE such a remote (different brand). I still haven’t trained it though… I only dare do so when I’m alone, and I have had visitors ever since that thing arrived in the mail .. I don’t want to get taken from my house in a straightjacket by men in white coats and a blue van…. (And I also haven’t decided yet whether to train it in English or Dutch… I think it only remembers 20+ commands)

  3. LMAO – and yes, I talk to my remote – doesn’t everyone?

  4. “just smart enough”

    The ROBOT?
    YOU should be glad nobody saw you, and that they didn’t keep you there .. ‘for observation’ .. talking to a robot .. tsk tsk tsk…
    You must be getting lonesome, sitting all day in that house of yours ‘providing consultancy’ to people who are then led away from your place in hand cuffs…

    You talk to your TV remote too?

  5. I shod have titled this “Just smart enough” because that’s what the robot was.