How Bittorrent actually helps the networks

I missed the last four episodes of Friday Night Lights. For various reasons, I was busy.

I had completely forgotten about Friday Night Lights, to tell you the truth – even though I enjoy the show. But my brother visited a couple weeks ago and reminded me how good Friday Night Lights really is – so I went on Bittorrent and downloaded the four episodes I had missed.

Tonight there is a new episode – and guess what? If I hadn’t been able to catch up on what I missed, I wouldn’t be a viewer. It would have fallen off my radar, never to be seen again. Instead, because I could catch up on my schedule, I will watch Friday Night Lights tonight. And that means I’ll also watch Las Vegas because changing the channel is too much effort.

The bottom line is that I will be watching NBC tonight, probably all night – just because I could catch up.