How Scoble could work around his new travel restrictions

Now that Robert has a new baby and won’t be traveling as much, I think I know how he can simplify his life, and still find great content for Podtech.

First, put up a web site at (I own it and will transfer it to Scoble/Podtech for the low, low price of the $7.15 (USD) I spent on it).

Second – Put up a schedule where Robert allows people to schedule time slots on certain days with at least 30 days notice. The schedule is first come first served – someone schedules a time slot with Robert on a day that Robert makes himself available, then they get the slot.

Third: Robert isn’t required to air ANY of the video he shoots – but he will give the person/company an hour of his time – video published or not.

Fourth: The scheduling company is completely responsible for all costs associated with getting them to the Podtech studio.  Maybe even charge a ~ $300 deposit that is refunded if the company/person actually shows up and withheld if they fail to show.

This way Robert only has to travel to the office, and he makes himself even more available to companies he’s never heard of/never would have had the opportunity to interview.

Robert could do this three of four days a month and generate a ton of content for Podtech that would probably be very eclectic.

Just a random thought today.