How sperm whales hunt jumbo squid – LiveScience –

Mashups?  We got your freaking Mashups!

Sometimes real-world Mashups are better than Web-based ones.  This is a cool one.

And just like a lot of couplings, this one involved alcohol. 

Marine scientist William Gilly at Stanford University and his colleagues were tagging jumbo squid in the Gulf of California, also called the Sea of Cortez. By good luck, they found marine biologist Randall Davis of Texas A&M University in Galveston and his collaborators tagging sperm whales nearby.

After a dinner of tacos, beer and rum on Davis and his colleagues’ research vessel, the scientists decided to work together to be the first to electronically track deep sea predators and their prey simultaneously.

Source: How sperm whales hunt jumbo squid – LiveScience –


  1. Ah! I see the aggies are the ones tagging the sperm whales..
    I can just see them swim up to a sperm whale:

    “TAG … you’re it!”

  2. Dawnell says:

    Awww … of course, an AGGIE was involved. Nothing good could have come of this …