How to Change the World: $4,824.13 for Legal Fees

Don’t skimp here!  Getting things right up front will save you thousands and thousands of dollars (and untold hours) later.

I am not a lawyer fan, but I do know when I need a good lawyer.  When I got divorced I got the best I could afford.  My ex went low-rent.

My kids have lived with me ever since – you figure it out.

A good lawyer is worth every penny – a bad one might cost you a lot (like your children!)

If you don’t use a law firm that’s “in the know” at the very start, you will probably have to undo or redo a lot of things. However, this time, you’ll be using $500/hour lawyers, so the couple of thousand bucks that you saved in the beginning is going to look mighty expensive. Lawyers are like oil filters: You can pay now or you can pay later.

How to Change the World: $4,824.13 for Legal Fees