How To TOTALLY Alienate Your User Base

Ask Yahoo – they are good at it.  I was an early Flickr user,  My account got switched to a Yahoo account.

Probelm is, I was (years ago) a Yahoo user.

So I need a Yahoo account to now access my Flickr account, but I have no idea what my Yahoo credentials were.

So I can’t get past the Yahoo “Verify your account” page so that I can access what used to be my Flickr account.

End result?  I’ve joined Photobucket.  Yahoo screws up, Flickr loses, Photobucket wins.

What Yahoo forgot is that my Flickr account belonged to ME, not to Yahoo – they bought the Flickr company, but they didn’t buy me.  They need to earn me.  By locking me out of my Flickr account they have not only NOT earned me, they have alienated me from Yahoo.

Don’t mess with my logon accounts – if you aren’t smart enough to figure out how to get them to work across all of your services, then just leave the accounts alone, or stop buying companies.

Yes, I could create a new email account, register a new Yahoo account, and then tie it into my old Flickr account.

Or I could spend 1/3 of the effort and get a Photobucket account – which  gives me access to a place that holds my photos (something the pre-Yahoo Flickr did very well).  But you’ve made the pain threshold to high, and now I won’t even see any “value added” services that Yahoo may have offered me – because Yahoo stole something from me – my Flickr identity.

Shame on you, Yahoo. 


  1. I also had to switch over a few months ago. Interesting issue, when I mention Flickr to the younger crowd they look at me with a puzzled frown. They haven’t heard of it. “I use photobucket,” is a common retort.

  2. @Deannie – They just locked the Flickr accounts out on March 20th – and I hadn’t tried logging into Flickr since then.

  3. The last time I had an issue with Yahoo/Flickr I sent an email. Got a response within six hours, problem fixed. Did you try to contact them?

    BTW, this change you refer to? Happened more than eighteen months ago if memory serves correctly…pissed off lots of people at the time and I guess your experience demonstrates it still is

  4. BTW – my stumbling block with the Yahoo password recovery? They want to know the Zip Code I used when I opened my Yahoo account.

    I’ve lived in three states and 7 houses since I opened my Yahoo account. Like I know what Zip Code I used!

    Don’t base my registration info on my geographic location – my geography changes.

    Much to my dismay.

  5. OK, I know Yuvi loves Zooomr – so I’ll open an account there and take a look.

    Thanks, Chris!


  6. Yeah, Kris just announced that they’re releasing the translation files this week (Monday or Tuesday).

    A lot of the delay is because they’re taking over the storage now… originally it was contracted out but their third party apparently couldn’t handle it (something like that) so they have to take all that in-house.

  7. Chris – I looked at Zooomr. But they have the “coming any day” version three that seems to have been “coming any day” for months”.

    Is it actively being developed? If it is, I’ll look again.

    I haven’t started adding photos to Photobucket yet, so there is time for me to change my mind!



  8. Photobucket? Really?

    Zooomr is calling. It wants your love. They can’t steal your identity either – OpenID!