Hugh "get’s it"


Hugh is a great humorist – I read his blog because he makes me laugh.  But he also “get it”.

In this post Hugh discusses marketing in a new era – and the “new era” is only one facet of the changes to come.

Viral?  “Viral” will elect our next president – one way or another.  Watch.

I’m always dismayed when I am with people that just don’t get it!  There is change coming – it’s already here – user’s have defines Google’s strategies and forced Microsoft to adapt there’s!  How can this happen?

It’s about voice, numbers, the rapid access to information gained through the Internet and about millions of “human mesh networks” that all work together to DO something. 

These networks are effective – they are MOST effective when they are concentrated around something people are passionate about, be in video games or a presidential race.  These Human Mesh Networks will (and are) change the world as we know it.  It’s much harder to “hide” anything these days – mis-truths tend not to stand like they might have a decade ago.  There are too many passionate users in these human mesh networks, and there are too many of these human mesh networks that are interconnected to other human mesh networks.

The “Viral” *is* the network, the overlapping, undefinable, unpredictable networks that bring the reader to my blog, or me to theirs.