Husbands – do not ditch your Wives’ at a casino

While in New Orleans last week the LSU/Notre Dame game was playing in the Super Dome (The Sugar Bowl game).

The interesting thing is that many (many many) of the women I met in the casino were there because their husbands got a ticket to the game.  One ticket to the game.  Wife excluded.  Some of them drove from Mississippi and Tennessee just to ditch their wives’ in a casino.  They paid for it.  Wether they see the Visa bill or not.

I was in a back room in Harrah’s watching the game on numerous large screen TVs with two women who had their husbands leave them behind while they went to the game.

The wives’ they left behind bought me some kind of flaming drink – time and time again.  The women to men ratio in that room was very guy friendly.

They weren’t all that interested in me – they were pissed at their husbands.  I just benefited (no, not that way – get your mind out of the gutter – I had *far* to many flaming drinks to go there 😛 )



  1. Actually, it was an observation. I wasn’t the only unattached male wandering the casino…

  2. “an honest observation” … since you claimed it didn’t “come to that”, you probably mean “an honest assumption” … something that, when it comes to women (I fully expect Deannie to chip in here ;-), can be deadly!

    Anyway, in two weeks I will be attending a conference in Vegas, and I will bring my wife and dump her in a casino too. With the assignment to win back the cost of the trip including the conference entrance fee.
    I think she doesn’t mind. This is an honest assumption.

  3. Another observation – guys, if you are looking for a one night stand, look for the woman who is drinking more than she wants *you* to drink… she’s the one that wants to make sure you are up to the task.

    Sorry if anyone is offended – but it’s an honest observation.