I am a sucker for the kids

Three young kids just rang my doorbell.  They were probably 10-13 years old.  They asked if they could rake my front yard for $10.

I have a large front yard – and a lot of leaves.  $10 is not a fair wage.  They don’t know it yet, but I’ll give them $25.00 when they are done.

I have a soft spot for anyone willing to work.  And these kids had a great sales pitch – they had a Toys-R-Us ad in hand and said, "Can we rake your yard for $10 because we want to get these toys". They had several things circled on the page.

While I am thankful my kids have never had to work on other people yards just to get a few toys I also realize my kids have lost an experience by not HAVING to work for some things.

But it is Thanksgiving Eve, and I couldn’t be more happy then to have a group of giggly kids working on my leaves.

My kids?  One is out walking the dog and the other is at a movie. 

Me?  I’m just about to sign off for the next couple of days.  Thanksgiving is the only "holiday" we celebrate that means much to me.  And it means a lot to me because my friends mean a lot to me – and because I have a lot to be thankful for.  More on that in my next post.


  1. Well there ended up being about nine of them! They worked for two hours, and bagged all the leaves.

    I gave them $40 and a bag of candy.

    If they would have asked for $40 to rake my yard I would certainly have said no. But by pricing their work below market value they actually got me to pay above market value.

    I love it! Bright kids. Hard workers, and smart about it.

  2. How fun, send them to my house when they are done.