I am an American Veteran – and I Don’t ask Much of You.

This is my day-late Veteran’s Day Post

I pay my own healthcare expenses – even those related to injuries I received on Active Duty.  I never used any Veteran’s Assistance whatsoever beyond a VA Mortgage (which if paid routinely, as mine has been, costs the taxpayer’s nothing).

It’s not that I think I don’t deserve these things – I do.  I earned them.  My Government and I entered into an agreement – I fulfilled my part of that contract.

There are two reasons I haven’t taken advantage of these benefits – one is simple – it’s too damn hard to take advantage of them.  It takes hours and hours over weeks and months of diligence to get something to happen…

The second reason is more difficult to explain.  But I could put it in simple business terms – resources are limited, and need to be applied in the most critical aspects of the business – basically, there are a lot of people more deserving than me – and a lot of them also decline taking advantage of benefits – probably for the same reason as me – someone else is always more deserving, and their is only so much to spread around.

The ugly truth is that if all Veterans chose to exercise all of their benefits we simply could not afford it.  As a People, we plan on a good number of people not using those benefits.

In reality, Veteran’s ask little compared to what they offer to give.

So as a Veteran, I don’t ask much of you – but I would appreciate some respect and appreciation for what  our men and women in the Armed Forces have done – for you, and for our nation.  It’s not a political statement to support the people who are serving your country. 

The next time you are eating lunch and see a uniformed Soldier, Sailor, Airman or Marine  in the restaurant, pay their bill – or just walk up and thank them for their service.  They will not mind that you interrupted their meal.

Keep in mind – even in peacetime our Military members experience conditions that are not even legal for us to subject hardened felons to in our prisons.  The prisoners at Gitmo have better conditions than many of our own service men and women – yet I hear no outcry for them, and their welfare.

So to all of my fellow Veteran’s – I appreciate you, I respect your service, and I wish you the best of luck, and safety.