I am being robbed, even as I type this!

Yes, behind that mask I can only assume I will find the Bexar Appraisal Districtrobbery2 – my local property tax appraisal goons.

You think I am being harsh?

My appraisal went up $49,060.  On a house valued at less than $200K! In one year!  That is a 26% increase year over year.

And yes, I can and will go fight this.  But I shouldn’t have to.  I will waste days preparing for the meeting, and hours waiting around for my "appointment".

Food, gas, housing – everything is costing more, yet our taxing authorities continue to take more, and more.

Bexar Appraisal District.  Even their acronym is BAD.

How much of this do these people think we can take before we pour the tea into the harbor again? 

I’m all for boarding that boat now.

"No Quarter!"


  1. My wife’s comment on our recent real estate tax bill: “Is this what they are BIDDING for it? S O L D !!!!!”

    Paul Claessen’s last blog post..Infinities (1)

  2. @David – yes, just another one of the not-so-hidden hidden taxes. In your case though, I imagine you could get 350K for your house. Mine won’t sell for $50K less then they appraised it for.

    Ah well… two more years and I am free to move anyone on the planet!

  3. Welcome to the hidden (or not so hidden) tax increase…. Mine has been popping the max for the last number of years. A house I bought for 224K is now apparently worth 100K+ more….

  4. 49k$? ouch.

    You’ll win this 🙂

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