I am fine, thank you

I received a couple pings asking if I was OK – because I haven’t posted much (for me) lately. Yes, I am fine. A bit disappointed that the Cowboys lost yesterday, but they are still 12-2, so I am not devastated!

I’m just a bit busy with end of the year stuff – and with getting a major new code drop for a client completed by 15JAN08. I’m not sure exactly how to refer to this client – I have an equity stake in the company, but am working as a consultant. I guess I’m an investor – but instead of investing money I am investing a large amount of time and energy. So I am a consultant, part of the management team, and an investor all at the same time. I’ll be damned – I’m part of a startup! 🙂

In any case, it is a huge project and it is getting down to the wire. It’ll keep me busy for a while.

I also have a few other projects going (as well as Mar7abashabab) and although they aren’t large projects, they are projects!

It has also been cold here – 32 degrees the last two mornings when I woke up. When it gets cold, I slow down. If I could hibernate through the winter, I would. I really hate the cold that much.

So I am doing fine. Just busy. And trying to figure out how my taxes could be more than my taxable income! (yes, I start worrying about taxes in early December).

I should be back “in the groove” in a couple days. Until then you can always hit the “Random Post” link below. Maybe you’ll find something that you missed. Maybe it will even be interesting (odds are against it though).