I am glad he is lucky

My son is one of the most lucky people I know.  We live in a school district that has a rather poor older High School.  He wins the lottery (literally) to get into a progressive magnet school instead of joining the general population at the (very large) local high school.  I don’t think he could have received a more rounded education experience anywhere else.

Fortunately my daughter was accepted to the same school. But somehow I think less luck was involved in her getting in 🙂

And now my son enrolls in UTSA – a local University, and he gets the VERY LAST seat in the “Learning Communities Program” that works with a a group of 25 students at a time.  Most of the same teachers, most of the same classes.  Study and activities as a group.  A very, very small and personal experience in a very large and fast growing University.

I don’t know how he does it, but I am very happy for him.  Going through your entire freshman year in College with mostly the same teachers and students has to reduce the stress level and increase the learning potential.

Sometimes luck is all you can hope for.

Derek has had his share of luck – I truly hope he makes the most of the opportunity.   Somehow, I know he will.  He knows I won’t settle for less.  Nor for me, or for him.