I Am Not a Republican. Or a Democrat. (I Can Think Independently).

But I am somewhat conservative. I am conservative in that I think Government sucks at solving really important problems, and a big Government just sucks more.

Most of my politically-oriented friends call me a “fiscal conservative, but a social liberal”.  Fine. 

Everyone wants to label me.

Everyone except me.

I consider myself more of a “rationalist”.  Instead of joining a political party I prefer to shop al la carte.

Some “Republicans”, I like.  Same for some “Democrats”.

I voted for Kinky Friedman for Governor of Texas.  The first Presidential Election I voted in, I voted for John Anderson.

The only party affiliation I have ever had was as a Democrat.  I have never registered Republican.  I have never voted a straight party ticket.

I like making up my own mind, and I think I am smart enough, and educate myself well enough, that it make most sense for me to vote this way.

It does annoy me when others label me – usually because I commit the cardinal sin of not agreeing with them.

Sorry – I do my own thinking.  If it is flawed, then at least I have myself to blame.

I’ll never be a “member of a party” – the saying itself exudes a sense of inclusion, or exclusion.  If I am not a “member of the party” you are a member of  – then we must be different, right?  We must not have anything in common – otherwise we would be in the same “holier than thou” fucking party. We must be enemies.

Sorry.  I prefer independent thinking to mob rule.

I like making up my own mind and not being told what to think.  Or not being “expected to think” in a certain way – especially because my “friends” think that way.

I am not a Republican, or a Democrat.

I am Rob La Gesse, and I am capable of independent thought.  I don’t need a “club” to support my beliefs.  I don’t need to “run with a pack”.

I am smarter than that.


  1. Paul Claessen says:

    “Free beer per vote”

    Cool! That’s a six pack for me then!

    (Hey .. I live in Florida!!)

    (uhm… so that would be 2 six packs after the recount…)

  2. @Shawn K – Thanks. I am glad you realize it at a young age (and hope you don;t forget as you get older!)

    @Paul – Free beer with every vote!

  3. Now that you rejected following ‘template’ tickets, the next step would be to define YOUR ticket!

    Find a list off all the topics/issues that were used to compare candidates, and fill in your own point of views (abortion, war, tax, gas prices, education, illegal immigrants, free trade, healthcare, etc etc).

    Once done, you CAN affiliate yourself with a party!
    You’d be a Roblagessian! (The “RLG” party)
    I may even join your party. (I’m all for parties, you know that!)

    Rob La Gesse for president!

  4. I’m really glad you wrote this. As I see more and more people around me, especially my age (I’m 23), voting straight tickets, regardless of what the politician promotes, it’s nice to see there are still other people like me, who vote for whoever is going to do the best job. Democrat, Republican, whatever, show me how you are going to make a difference for the benefit of my community, my county, my state, and my country.

    I must say though, it would be nice to have the Whigs make a comeback. 😉

    Twitter @thattalldude

  5. @frymaster – Holy Shit! – Your writing is deep – I’ll have to look at this tomorrow – I can’t process it with lack of sleep and no lack of alcohol.

    But yes, I think we are of very similar age – I just look much younger 🙂


  6. We must be the same age. I volunteered for Anderson. Me vs. some fairly heavy Libby’s — http://americasfuture.org/doublethink/2008/05/electric-kool-aid-conservatism/

    Good-ish article. Check out the comments. I draw out a guy from AmerSpectator. And I make him say something reasonable!

  7. Wish there were more people like you… 😉