I am not Rob Lagasse (and I am not dead)

I am getting a lot of hits lately for “Rob Lagasse died” .  Mostly these are Google search hits.

I don’t know who Rob Lagasse was (but my condolences to his family).

When I first saw this, I sucked in a breath – because it was just weird seeing my (almost) name in a death search.

But I am very much alive.  Much to the dismay of a lot of people, I am sure 🙂




  1. @Randz – thanks for the info. I still get many hits every week from people searching for “Rob Lagasse”. Sorry to hear about his death, especially at such a young age.

  2. Hi Rob,

    Rob Lagasse, the one who died, was a hot guy from my high school. He died in college…most likely drug related.

  3. My name is Rob LaGasse too. I’m still here in Sarasota, Florida.

  4. It was this Rob who died: http://www.pioneerlocal.com/lakezurich/news/398617,lz-obits-052407-s1.article

    Poor guy, was just 6 years older than me. Was just wondering what would happen if I die 6 years from now…