I am Running for Twitter Community Evangelist (convince them they need one)!

Most of the people I know that complain about Twitter when it is down are just frustrated.  Most of them are not even mad.  They just miss Twitter.

Like a High School friend that chooses a different college than you – when Twitter is gone you wish it wasn’t – but you forgive them.  Because they are, after all, friends. 

Twitter has done a great job building a sense of community.  Ev and Biz talk back to people.  When Twitter is up.  Not so much when it isn’t.  I can fix that!

Hell, I am a Twitterholic (12 step post to follow, I am sure!).

I even suggested yesterday that we send Twitter some Pizza. Shannon Whitley ran with it (and I donated) and he made it happen.

I Tweeted the first real-time blind date in Twitter. As far as I know.

I created the first Startup Company developed completely on Twitter.  Staffing, ideas, finances, etc.  As far as I know.

I started Tweeting about the need to relieve the Twitter servers of their workload before most people started Tweeting about a "distributed" Twitter.  I think we need smart clients that have an open source API they can all use to add features such as Peer To Peer, filtering, groups, etc.  But I think Twitter needs to be "the network".

I’ve blogged about all of these things over the last few months.  Right here, on this blog.

I deserve to be the Twitter Evangelist that they don’t know they need. Look at my Social Networking footprint (Google Search kr8tr – or just click it on the menu bar).

Oh – and I understand the API, and I have blogged a tutorial about using Track with GTalk.

So vote for me.  Tell @ev and @biz that I should carry the Twitter Torch!


  1. Alyssa says:

    Well Uncle Rob,

    I’m sure that if all 5000 of your close and personal friends vote for you, then you will become the Evangelist.

  2. Well, they need one, that’s for sure. You got the drive for it, and maybe it’ll even be a paid job now they got their new funding.

  3. I am live responding to your comments on Twitter http://twitter.com/kr8tr. Because as the Community Evangelist Nominee, I am tasked with driving you to Twitter.

  4. Jay Huber says:

    With passion and reason like that, how could we not vote for you, padre?

  5. Voted.

    Your clarity of the idea is so true. Twitter need an Evangelist. Someone to soothe things over, to communicate, to forge and build new relationships and nurture existing ones.

    Simple. Profound. Incredibly crazy and difficult and cool all in one : ).