I am still a sucker for the simple things

Grocery shopping with both my kids – both teenagers.  Two full carts. Over $500.  But time with my kids buying provisions for Spring Break (they are both off this week) – Priceless!

Tuna and noodles.  A simple meal.

Watching the new Two and a Half Men with my daughter.  Our favorite show.  Not always easy to watch with your 17 year old daughter – but it opens opportunities for conversation.

Letting my son drive us in his truck to the grocery store – and never once reaching for the steering wheel (or needing to)!

Teasing my daughter as she talks to a boy on her cell phone.  After 11PM.

A mailbox that contained nothing I needed to deal with (beyond placing in the trash).

Finally, the storms missed us tonight.

Yes, life is pretty good.


  1. @Ric – cool. Nice truck.

  2. No, Nissan wouldn’t give me the deal I wanted so I went with my first choice. The Honda Ridgeline.

  3. @Ric – congrats on the new truck! Nissan, is it?

  4. The simply things that come along sure make up for the hard days at work. As for your postal mailbox…whether you need whats in it or you throw it away…it still helps pay for my new truck and puts shoes on my kids feet!