I called a local GameStop/EB Games store today

Looking for a Nintendo Wii.

Here’s the conversation,

Them: “EB Games”

Me: “Hello, I was wondering if you have any Nintendo Wii systems?”

Them: “No”

Me: “Do you know when you will get any?”

Them: “No”

Me: “OK.  Is there a good day of the week to check?”

Them: “No”

Me: “Do you get paid to actually take care of customers?”

Them: <click>

Sigh.  Not so disappointed I didn’t get the Wii, but I am completely disappointed with the poor customer care I have been seeing lately.  This is a good example.

Of course, when you hire the cheapest employee you can buy, I guess you get exactly what you pay for (and what YOU deserve, but not what *I* deserve).

Then you have examples of companies that pay just about the same, but they are amazing.

What is the difference?

Standards.  It’s as simple as that.  Lenny’s not only teaches great service, they demand it.  No room to screw up – one way to do it right.  Lenny’s has set an internal standard.  Employees know what is expected of them and they rise up to meet the standard.

 EB Games?  They also have a standard, and they have also set that standard.  Too bad they set it so miserably low that they are PAYING someone to mistreat their customers.  They paid someone to drive me AWAY from them.

But I guess the good news is, they probably didn’t pay them much.





In case GameStop/EB Games is reading, and cares, the store location/information is below.

It was about 1:30 PM Central

Mall: La Plaza Del Norte-F
125 NW Loop 410
San Antonio TX, 78216 US
Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 12pm-6pm*

What do you think the chances are I call GameStop/EB Games for anything in the future?  Hell, I may even tell a couple friends that they treated me poorly!


  1. @MissM – I have found sometimes that my browser is the issue (you might try clearing the cache) or checking if the behavior is the same using another browser (Firefox for example).

    Rob, I got to checking over this Brick & mortar store’s website and well, they just don’t make it easy for you to communicate back to Corporate when there is an issue with a local store. So, the lack of caring about what is happening there at the counter? It starts right there at Corporate.

  2. I saw that you made a change to your site. So I clicked over, and still got the script error. Is there a way here, I could tell what’s causing it?