I don’t really mind Blog Spammers that much

Really.  Spam Karma 2 gets most of them before I have to think of them.

But I just checked, and 60% of my traffic this month was from Blog Spammers.  60%!

And that’s in a month that Violent Acres linked to me – so my traffic (real traffic) was higher than normal.

I’ve so far resisted every urge to “get back” at these spam-bot machines.  I really think a couple of well placed DOS attacks against them would do the world a lot of good.  Yet I resist – because to do so would make me one of them – someone using the Internet for evil, instead of good.

It’s a real shame nobody pays attention to the “abuse@” email addresses domains set up — for a while I diligently sent the ISP of Blog Spammers a very polite email – informing them that a machine on their network was being abusive.  NOT ONCE did one of them respond to me.

Eventually, I figured out why – they don’t know how to.  They are overwhelmed. They have, quite literally, “given up”.  They aren’t even pretending to fight back anymore.  They are powerless – or at least they thing they are.  They do not want to cut service to a paying customer – even if that paying customer is polluting my blog with bots that spit out the most vile crap (and I am NOT easily offended).

So I am wondering – how do you solve this problem on a global scale?  The ISP isn’t really the bad guy here – it’s the end user system that is not well maintained that is spoiling my fun.

But still, I think the easiest way to stop this NOW is to hold the ISP responsible – not suggesting they get a fine or anything – just that if X number of sites report an offending IP address then that address should be banned – or at least limited in their scope – don’t allow that IP to send more than X amount of messages, blog posts, etc per hour.

If you make the hosts so painfully slow as a Spam delivery platform, it will not be worthwhile to use them anymore.

And every ISP should DEMAND that each client have adequate and up to date anti-spam, anti-virus, and Anti-spy-ware clients.  If they do not, then they should be prohibited from using the network until they fix things.  Period.

Right now we are all paying billions in lost data, monies, and productivity because a very, very small percentage of users refuse to accept their responsibility to properly care for their own machines.

I suggest if they are unable, or unwilling to do so that they have no right to access OUR Internet.  And pollute MY blog.

And if they are incapable of figuring out basic Internet security, then they have no right to our Internet.

The sad thing is, everyone knows who these systems belong to – I know the ones who hit my blog – I know where they are, what browser they use, what OS they use and what ISP they use.  ISP’s MUST know when they have abusive spy-bots running on their networks – at the very least, they could know – if they chose to care.

So yes – I blame the ISP’s.  And my server logs certainly show that some ISP’s are MUCH worse than others.


  1. I agree, something needs to be done