I don’t want a gentle alarm clock

I keep seeing all of these ads and/or blog posts about the various new alarm clocks that aim to “wake you up gently” with aromas, lights, whatever.  Sorry – I don’t get it.

I want a rude alarm clock – like an English Ambulance siren kind of rude.  I want waking up to be the worse part of my day – not the most pleasant.  If I wake up to that, the rest of the day is just uphill.

But then I am a freak – YMMV.



  1. I don’t need an alarm.
    I have a wife!
    She provides the most gentlest wake-up method I could wish for.

    I also have two cats. And although effective in waking me up, they’re not very accurate (in that their opinion about when I need to wake up, is seldomly in sync with my own views on the matter) and NEVER gentle.

  2. Me? Wish I could sleep! When I need an alarm, I don’t want gentle lights either. However, I guess for someone who is ill or has other unusual circumstances I could see how this might fill a need.