I found a 24 caret gold ring in the lettuce

It was over two weeks ago.  It was a very large ring – a man’s ring, but it wouldn’t even stay on my thumb.  A large man.

I turned it in to the store manager and today they called me and told me nobody had claimed it, so I should come and get it.

“Finders keepers”. I guess.

But really – I was looking through heads of lettuce (trying to find a small, healthy one) when I found this ring.

And now I guess I need to go get it – but then what?  I am sure someone misses it.  And yes, I could sell it and think of a lot of ways to put the money to good use.

But is just turning it into the store enough?  Should I now advertise in the newspaper, or put signs up at local barber shops?

What’s my responsibility now?  What would you do?


  1. @Deannie – it a simle band (from what I recall). I haven’t picked it up yet – but I will at that – good suggestion.


  2. If it looks custom made, taking it to a couple jewelers may yield clues. Many times they just know about these things.

  3. @Paul – I don’t recall there being any inscription. I’ll probably go pick the ring up today and will double-check. The store did have a sign on the door about a “found wedding band” and I guess they didn’t get any hits.

  4. Does it have an inscription?
    If so, you could ask the store manager if you can put a sign somewhere near the entrance “golden ring found” (the guy who lost it is likely to shop at the same store again).
    If someone claims it: have them tell what the inscription is (and date lost .. if he knows)… etc