I got the Hook-Up! I WILL see the Dallas game tomorrow, and the DMCA, Time Warner, and the NFL Channel can all kiss my ass

*** Update *** – No, I am sorry – I can’t use my hookup to help you.  SlingBox only allows one viewer per box.  If I could help I would.  Call your cable company and the NFL channel and raise hell.  It sucks – we are being dicked by corporate greed with little or no consideration for the customer. 


I’m getting the Cowboys game because I lent someone my SlingBox.  They have Dish Network.  I just tested it, and it works great.  Buy a SlingBox – you’ll be amazed at how you can watch your own cable provider – even if you are in Singapore.  Even on your cell phone (Windows Mobile Smartphone for now).

And yes – what I am doing is technically not technically legal – so my cable company tells me.  But really – I am and was willing to pay to get the game –  they just were not willing to take my money.  So for three hours tomorrow I will be – what?  Surely not a Felon?

Nah – what I’ll be is someone that is satisfied.  Not by the NFL Channel, and not by Time Warner.  But I’ll be satisfied.  And I’ll stop bitching at those two for a while – so it’s probably in their best interests as well!