I got this email today… and it blew me away

Why?  Because a “new” web site that I *really* like had one thing that I *really* didn’t like.  I sent an email about it, and got a response from the CEO and Co-Founder of the company.

I’ve blogged about this company before.  I love their product – really, really think it is uber-cool.

But I use long passwords – with a lot of Shifting and Numbers and stuff.  Scrapblog had an issue that caused me to have to enter my password more than I liked.  It annoyed me.

Carlos empathized with me, and said they would add it to their list.  I expected they would eventually get around to fixing it, and I made a mental note to go back at some point and see if it was fixed.

But I didn’t have to.  Almost a month after our initial email exchange Carlos sent me a short email –

The issue with multiple logins in the Scrapblog viewer has been solved. Now, you can jump right into your private scrapblogs without having to login again.
Hope you are still enjoying Scrapblog!

Wow – I am impressed.  I was impressed the first time Carlos responded to me – it’s not often a CEO is the first person to read a customer response – but the fact he remembered to come back and personally send me an email telling me it was fixed – THAT is customer service!

So there is only one thing left to do now – go finish my first Scrapblog, and start the others that I have already mentally mapped out!

Thanks, Carlos – your customer care is the best I can remember seeing in a very long time – and it speaks highly of you and your company!

If you have not yet visited Scrapblog, go do it.  Now.  They really have a cool product – and a damn fine group of people.


  1. @Yuvi – Cool! Make something amazing!

    @Caleb – thanks – you guys really are doing some great work!


  2. Hi Robert,

    I am so glad you are enjoying Scrapblog and our emails! Lol. We do our best to answer every single email quickly. We know the reason we are growing is because of our own community spreading the word, so we want to make sure when our users are having trouble or have a suggestion we listen.


  3. They just got themselves a new user from India.