I Grew Up Reading. A Lot. Admiral Daniel V. Gallery was a Favorite

200px-D._V._Gallery_on_U-505 I still have most of his books – juvenile fiction, no doubt.  With titles like "Cap’n Fatso" and "Now Hear This!", it is easy to dismiss Admiral Gallery as a cute author.

Except he did much more than that – he was the Captain of the US submarine that captured the U-505 (which I saw at a very young age at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry).

And he wrote a few other books – some notable.  On the capture of the USS Pueblo, and his own capture of the U-505.

He also vehemently opposed the castration of the Navy and the incorporation of the Marines into the US Army – at a definite personal cost.  12 years in the military without a promotion is an extremely long time.  Admiral Gallery certainly missed his chance at that extra star when he spoke up for the Marine Corps, and spoke vigorously against combining our forces.

And he wrote a few books that I really enjoyed in my youth.  And inspired a couple movies that I like a lot.

If you don’t know who Admiral Gallery is, go learn.  He deserves a few people remembering.