I Hate Losing a Bet

Almost as much as I hate the Cowboys losing.

But the season is over for the Cowboys, and I am now a Green Bay Packer Fan.  At least through February.

What I *really* hate though is that I lost a bet.  To Jason Calacanis.  The Mahalo Guy.

Our bet was fresh New York Bagels verse quality Texas BBQ sauce.  I know Jason lives in California now, but I figured he had peeps in NY that could send the bagels.

So I lost, and now I need to pay up.  Jason mentioned meeting at Salt Lick in Austin during SXSW in March to settle up.  But I think Salt Lick is tourist BBQ – not meeting my standards, anyway.  It is good enough, mind you – just not as good, in my experienced opinion, as the sauce from Rudy’s.  The original Rudy’s – the one here in San Antonio that is located on the old Stage Coach route.  The Rudy’s that people stand in line for, under the sun on a 108 degree day.  Real Texas BBQ sauce.

So I owe Jason some sauce.  We didn’t discuss quantity though.  But I am willing to send enough to slather all the beef/chicken/pork that Jason can grill for his Mahalo team.  I just need the shipping address, and the number of employees.

I may not be a happy loser, but I am an honorable one!

So tell me Jason – how many people?  I’ll get the sauce shipped tomorrow and you can plan on feeding your people late this week.  And I think you’ll really like this sauce.

Go Packers!


  1. @Ike – ah yes – the Gristmill is a very nice place. I go a couple times a year. It’s a nice place to ride a motorcycle to!

  2. Make him come to San Antonio, then get him down to the Gristmill in Gruene.