I have a "pass"

Since all of my friends and customers know I am totally screwed up on Vicodin because of my back, I have a situation where I have a free pass for tomorrow (well, later today, actually).

But I slept a lot earlier, and now I am awake.  At almost 1am. 

But since I have a freebie day tomorrow I am just now starting to watch “The Guns of Navorone” (released the year I was born) – a very good movie that I have not seen in a long time.  TiVo selected it for me (good choice, TiVo!).

It’s 2 1/2 hours long.  I wonder if I can stay awake until the end…

Still feeling pretty good though πŸ™‚


  1. Hah – I actually had to go back and look at the TiVo πŸ™‚ Vicodin is wicked effective! You are (of course) correct – I was watching Force Ten from Navarone. But I don’t recall a minute of it πŸ™‚


  2. Harison Ford in Guns of Navarone?
    I think not!

    Harison Ford’s first movie was Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round. A 1966 (!) movie for which he got paid $150.

    (He DID play in the 1978 Force 10 from Navarone, but NOT in the original 1961 ‘Guns’ .. so, which one were you watching?)

  3. I forgot a very young Harrison Ford is in this movie – cool!

  4. πŸ™‚ I usually go to sleep about now and wake at 6am… but I’ll watch this movie and get up whenever the heck I get up πŸ™‚

    We should exchange IM/Skype addresses though – we could be making better use of our waking hours! Email me yours πŸ™‚


  5. I’m up too. It’s 1:43 here. 😯

    Being awake this early sucks. For some reason, I’ve done it for the past few weeks. Heh heh.