I honor them. You should too.

It is Memorial Day Weekend.  Monday is the day we set aside, as a Nation, to honor our troops.  To say thank you.  To appreciate them.  To understand their sacrifices and appreciate their willingness to do what so many of us are unwilling to do.  To believe in something enough to give your life for it.  To love your neighbor enough to give your life for them.

This is not a political post – this is not a political remembrance.  Politics have no place on this day of remembrance, and I loath those politicians (John Edwards – I supported you until you called for anti-war protests on this day) that try to make it so.

This day is not even an occasion for the international community to dishonor us – this is a day for Warriors, and Patriots.  A day for citizens world wide to appreciate what warriors do to protect us. 

To serve us.  To keep us safe. It is an International day of thanks for all warriors, in all countries.

What our men and women, of all nations, do to protect us – to create a stable planet that we can maneuver though – doing the mundane meaningless things we do every day – what they sacrifice for us to enjoy that – what they give so we don’t have to give.  What they sacrifice so we do not have to sacrifice.

War is not easy, and there is no such thing as a “popular war”.  Each and every war is unpopular for the soldiers that fight it, and the families they leave behind.  This war is no different.

Actually, it is. In this case, it is the first war we have fought as a nation that is ongoing, and completely supported by a volunteer force.  Never in our history have we fought a war on this scale with a complete volunteer force.  And that amazes me even more.  Each of these men and women know what they are getting into.  The dangers, the uncertainty.  The risks to their mortality.

Think what you will of this war, but do not think ill of those that are serving you – those that are fighting to provide your (and my) basic freedoms – just as they have done for generations.

Think what you will of our Government.  Think what you will of our Congress. 

But please – this weekend – stop and think of our soldiers.  The young men and women that are literally giving all.

They have earned our respect, admiration and appreciation.

If you see a service man or woman in uniform at a restaurant this weekend, buy their meal.  Shake their hand.  Pat their back.  Thank them for their service, regardless of your views on this war.  They deserve your appreciation.

They have earned your respect.

They volunteered.