I just finished an interesting conversation…

about blogging.  With someone on the “A” list of Bloggers.

What they helped me realize clearly, although I think I had already realized it –

I tried blogging for an “audience”.  That didn’t work.  So I “gave up” for a while.

Then I tried blogging for friends, and I didn’t have enough of them to make me feel as if my blog was important.

Finally I tried blogging for myself – and I don’t give a shit if my occasional misspelling irritates some people, or if my language is raw, or if you are even entertained.  I *try* to be literate… but sometimes it annoys me that I am concerned enough about spelling and grammar to stop halfway through a post to check spelling – it interrupts my thought process.  I think my “fear” of appearing illiterate is actually responsible for a lot of disjointed posts that probably end up making me seem more illiterate than a keyboard mistake or two would do – we can all forgive the fact someone put the wrong damn finger on the wrong damn key – because we have *all* done it.

I do want to entertain – it’s just not my driving factor right now.  I’m concerned with putting my thoughts down so I can remember them later – and a blog is the perfect medium for doing that.  I appreciate feedback because it corrects my thought process – or re-directs me to focus on a facet of an idea that I hadn’t really considered to be of utmost importance.  Feedback is good, but it is worthless if what you are putting out is not you.

Once I started blogging for me, I started to enjoy it again – just like I did years ago with an online “diary” that nobody knew about (and since there were no ping-servers, or track-backs, and Google had just started, their wasn’t really any way for anyone to simply “discover me”.  They almost literally had to get a link from someone to find me.)

Back then I blogged openly and freely about whatever I decided to talk about that day.  I didn’t have a “theme blog”, unless you counted my life as my “theme”.  I enjoyed that a lot more.  I talked about a small success one of my children had in school, or the loss of a dear friend’s father.  I talked more then about what is important to me as a human than I have in the last couple of years.  Instead I’ve been writing about what I think you might think is important.  And you’ll never honestly feel good about what you blog about unless you blog about you –  your experiences, your emotions, what gets you out of bed in the morning, and what keeps you awake at night.

I am not suggesting their is no place for corporate blogs – their certainly is.  But when it comes to a personal blog for me, which this certainly is, then it has to be personal.

I’ll not change this blog much, except to share a bit more about me personally – about my family, my joys, my sorrows, my achievements and my disappointments.  I’ll continue to share information on ideas I have on “Web Stuff” and on technology and gadgets.  But the focus will be on how I feel about things more, and what they do less.

If this disappoints you, and you leave, I’m sorry.  But I hope you at least stay long enough to see what really changes – I don’t think it will be any more significant than you finding out WHY I feel the way I do about something, instead of just spouting my opinion without giving you any understanding of how I formed that opinion.

Yes, I’ll talk a bit more about my personal life.  But my life has been pretty interesting – so I don’t think you will find it all that boring.  I’ve been in a helicopter crash, my grandparents stood in front of an elevator in a hospital in Florida when the doors opened and I was kneeling on a stretcher on top of a patient doing CPR – that was the last “surprise” visit they every paid me!  I’ve lived in Hawaii, Florida, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Corpus Christi and San Antonio, Texas, The Philippines, and Japan – as well as on a Navy ship.  I was married to an Army Nurse for 18 years – she received the Bronze Star in Iraq.  I fought for and won custody of my kids.  I survived four hurricanes within 7 months of moving to Florida then another one two months later after moving back to Texas (vacation at South Padre Island) – Yeah – I have some stories.

I think you’ll find they will all weave in slowly into other stories about technology, web sites, people I meet (or meet again after long lapses in communication).

I hope you find it interesting.  I know I’ll like writing it, because there are just some things I would rather get off my chest.  Since this is my blog, run on my server, I can’t imagine a better place to both unload, and try to entertain.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I hope I enjoy writing it.  Purely personal posts will be in the category of “Personal”.  Mixed posts will have mixed categories.  Purely tech or review posts will be tagged accordingly.

Finally, if you don’t like where the blog goes, tell me – comments are open here (there is Spam filtering SW, but it shouldn’t bother you any at all).

Thanks for listening, and for continuing to read.