I just realized – I never really posted about Twitter.com

I like Twitter. If you aren’t careful it can annoy the heck out of you.  So I am careful.  It is VERY rare that I am not on a PC connected to the Internet – so getting/sending Twitter updates via my cell phone isn’t that important to me.  So I shut that off.

But I can mange Twitter on my PC – especially with a little widget they gave me.  Sits in the right side of my screen, and feeds me constant updates on my Twitter friends.

I’ve learned a lot from Twitter.  Just today.  Robert Scoble told me about a Microsoft TechFest event that I was able to tune into – and I saw some amazing stuff from Microsoft Research.

Jason Calacanis broke the news to me that “Scooter” Libby was convicted. Ten seconds after the verdict.

Chris Pirillo told me us he just posted a new video on YouTube.  Funny stuff.  He uses a Braun Electric shaver – same as me.  And for the same reason I do – he can shave and read email at the same time.  I’ve been doing that for over ten years.  Chris was probably shaving even then (he is a hairy little SOB!).  But no sink required – so a great Geek Toy.

John Edwards updated me on his speaking engagement in Seattle tonight, and Scoble replied right back to him (us) that John Edwards should stop by Microsoft (he should).

Chris told us about a practice he had to attend and I shared some of my plumbing woes.  And that’s all cool.  We all shared “what’s happening right now in my life”.  And that is what Twitter is about.  That’s why it exists.

This is a three hour window of what I learned/did on Twitter today.  Pretty amazing.  And it took about 15 minutes of my attention (besides the Microsoft TechFest I viewed).

So I have five Twitter friends: John Edwards, Chris Pirillo, Robert Scoble, Jason Calacanis and Chris Van Patten.  Very good company to keep.  I could have more. I haven’t rejected anyone as friends – I am just being selective in who I ask.

John Edwards (his “people”, I am sure) added me not only as a friend, but as someone they will follow.  I’m sure they do that for everyone – and I wish them well in keeping up with things.  Twitter CAN be busy.  Basically that means they’ll read what I post on Twitter. That’s very cool.  There is little doubt in my mind that John Edwards is the most “in touch” candidate running right now.  And for that he’s gained my attention – and that isn’t always easy to do.

I’m really interested in John Edwards right now – mostly because he seems so tech-centric.  He’s not someone I paid much attention to three years ago – but now I am.  Because he hangs out where I hang out.  Online. Does that mean I’ll vote for him?  No.  Does it mean I’ll pay more attention to him?  Absolutely.  I already am.  I have been for months.

So I enjoy Twitter.  It’s another tool I use to keep track of what is happening, where and when.  It’s not perfect, but it’s almost just right for this kind of thing.



  1. 🙂 I’m glad the edit comments works again as well.

  2. Maybe that’s just it!

    I agree with Einstein’s famous remark that “Things should be made as simple as possible … but not any simpler”.

    Twitter crossed that line, as far as I’m concerned.

    In any case: the lack of clear documentation is inexcusable. For that alone the deserve to fail.

    Maybe, that’s how they got their name (‘Obvious’) .. when people complain about lack of documentation, they throw their hands in the air an yell “But it’s all obvious!”.
    (In which, btw, they are mistaken)

    (DAMN, I’m grateful for your fixing ‘Edit Comments’ 😉

  3. Hah! You programmers! I think the problem is that it’s just too simple for you!

  4. It’s official: I am too stupid for twitter.
    First I had a hard time to even figure out what it did. Then I couldn’t figure out how to set it up.

    I hate products that don’t clearly explain what exactly is is the product does, and how to use it. There simply is no clear documentation on how to use it. (There is a ‘help’ link somewhere but that yields a ‘Proxy Error’ message. VERY crappy stuff. And all this by a company called ‘Obvious’?
    They should call themselves ‘Obfuscate’.

    I DO understand the idea behind the product, but this can be done MUCH better, clearer, simpler, and be extended with a much broader functionality without making it less simple to understand and use.

    For now .. I’m done with them twits!

    (and yes, ‘Edit Comments’ works again! Thanks!)