I knew her when she was breast feeding

But now she’s a college student – a young adult, and she stopped by for a short visit before heading out on the town with her friends.  We drank a beer together.  She is my best friend’s daughter – and I’ve known her since before she was born.

When she was 8 and my son was 6 they stated their plan of getting married.  My son is 18 now, and she is a few years older — and while their plans for each other may have changed, my love for this girl hasn’t.  I honestly think of her as my own – and when she left I told her to call me if she needed a ride, to not ride with anyone drinking, to remember the number to the cab company, and I asked her if she had enough money.  She may be all grown up now, but she’ll always be my “first daughter”, even though she has her own parents.  She’s lucky though – she has more than one set of people that love her, care for her, and worry about her.

Brief as it was, I enjoyed spending a few minutes with her.  But it makes me feel old.  It makes me remember how my grandparents felt when we stopped by for just a few minutes – it made their day.  And “Mo” stopping buy put a smile on my face as well.