I love having friends over – but I hate strangers in my house

I really don’t like people I don’t know in my house – be they plumbers or electricians, whatever.

When I put my house in Florida on the market I told my Realtor that nobody could see the house until it was empty, because I didn’t want strangers trooping around my space.  She explained what a bad idea that was (empty houses don’t sell as quickly as "lived in" houses).  It also cost me an extra month or two of dual house payments.  But to me it was worth it.   I really don’t like strangers in my house.

So while the plumbers were here I had the garage door open – so they could come and go to their trucks as needed.  The next thing I know there is a stranger in my kitchen.  He’s a new neighbor.  Nice enough guy, from what I can tell, but I really wasn’t happy he was here.

He saw my new TV and made some comment about "knowing where he’ll be for the Dallas Cowboy games".  No, he won’t.  Not unless we become friends by then.  And we might become friends.  But it won’t be by him dropping by as a stranger and walking into my house.  I don’t give a rat’s ass that the garage was open and plumbers were coming in and out – he should have gone to the front door, and rang the bell.

And that’s what I told him.  And he didn’t look too pleased.  And that’s why we probably won’t be friends.