I Love My Fridays

I work at home most Fridays.  I know being in the office only four days a week while managing a development group might seem difficult.  And it does have some drawbacks.

But I have Program Managers that I trust to run the Development Teams, and I need the day to do paperwork, talk to customers, and to think – so I reserve my Fridays..

Mon-Thu I am pretty much engaged with employees/meetings  I don’t get much done beyond learning what needs done and making sure people have the tools to get things done.  Important work that I love – building teams is my passion.

But it is my Fridays that I love about my job.  My work at home on Fridays where I talk to customers, talk to customers, and talk to customers. Talking to customers is a big deal for me.  They energize me, push me, direct me and correct me.

And there are so many ways to talk to customers now – forums, Twitter, blogs, email, phone calls… group chats.

And on Fridays, I try to use them all.  I try to learn what my customers want, and perhaps more important, I get to hear what they feel.

Hear what your customers feel. Satisfy those feelings.  And you WILL build a business.

It is 1 AM, almost, and I just finished getting educated by customers.

That is why I love my Fridays.

On Fridays, I learn.