I made a new friend today

Today I “met” an amazing young man via a lengthy phone call.  I can’t go into detail on who yet, since we are engaged in a business deal.  But how refreshing it is to meet such a young person who has already accomplished so much, and still has lofty goals in mind.

I have little doubt he will be successful – he has the heart and determination to make anything happen.  Where most people see barriers, he sees opportunities.

I’m interested in working with him because he has that same drive – that same sense of purpose – that same belief that he’ll just be able to do whatever he decides to do that enabled me to accomplish things in life.

The fact I never ran a QA organization before, never leased corporate real-estate, never designed a floorplan or managed construction, never ran a global customer support network, etc never bothered me.  Since I had never failed at any of these things, I assumed I would succeed at them.  It just never really entered my mind that I wouldn’t.  I surrounded myself with good people that would help me – and I got to work.

And my new friend is like that – although on a much larger scale.  A global scale, in fact.

Hopefully I will meet him in person one day – and hopefully I’ll be able to introduce him to you some day.

After just a phone call, I knew we were friends – no matter what does or doesn’t come of the business deal, I hope I will keep him as a friend.