I Missed the Office

I worked at home on Friday – something I did every day for 3 years until about a month ago.

I am used to working at home, and Friday started no different than a usual work at home day – I went to my home office, set things up for my new Mac, and went to work.  I had two conference calls in the morning so the morning went quickly.  At about 11am I had an idea that I needed to talk to someone about.  But I was at home.

At about 12:30 I wanted to go grab someone to go to lunch with me – but I was at home.

Suddenly I realized that I missed not being in the office.  That was surprising, considering how much I loved working at home.

I’ll still work at home now and then – because there are just some things I can’t do at the office (generally anything that involves a contiguous amount of concentration time).  But I do enjoy the immediacy of the office.

I just didn’t think I would ever miss it 🙂


  1. Rob,

    I agree! It’s nice to work face to face as a team.. Being in the office allows you to get things done! You need something or have a question, you simply go to the necessary person. Phone tag gets old.


  2. @Deannie – Yes – it is pretty cool that I found something I love right in my back yard! Cool products, great people, nice roadmap 🙂


  3. I really can’t think of a better indication that your employer & the people it attracts comprise something more than a ‘job’.